What are our store hours?

Click here to view our store hours.

What do we sell?

We sell a full range of wine, beer and liquor in a variety of sizes. We also sell a wide selection of soda, juices, still and sparkling water, pre-mixed cocktails, non-alcoholic beer and wine, mixers for any drink idea, ice, barware accessories and gift certificates. Additionally, we have an unusually large selection of cocktail olives.

Do you have the same selection in your store as you do in your online shopping?

We carry almost all of our products in our online shopping as we do in store. If you are unable to find a specific product you are looking for online please call 303.449.3374

May I return a product?

We will gladly take returns on items that are unopened and undamaged. This includes single bottles of wine and liquor, and unopened boxes of beer. Returns without a receipt will be given store credit equal to 80% of the total value. Only store credit will be issued on returns without a receipt.

Do you have special discounts?

Yes! We have daily case discounts as follows:

  • Wine: 15% daily discount
  • Wine: Mondays and Tuesdays: 20%

As always, sale items can count towards the number of bottles needed to fill a case but will receive no additional discount; bottles in each case must be of the same size.

What are reward points?

If you have a registered account in our online shopping cart, you will earn reward points for every purchase. Your reward points can be redeemed for store credit towards future purchases. Every dollar spent is equal to one reward point (not including tax). Once you have earned 500 points, you'll be able to redeem them for $10 of store credit. With a maximum redemption of 500 points on an order.

You can redeem your reward points during the check out process, after you have logged into your accout, within the "Shopping Cart" page. The reward points can be redeemed once you have accumulated at least 500 points.  

What is a case discount?

A case discount is given when, during a single visit, you purchase the number of items, all of the same size, it takes to make 1 full case. Sale items are included in the case count but do not receive an additional discount.

The number of items per size it takes to make a full case of liquor/wine are as follows:

  • 750mL - 12 bottles
  • 1.5L - 6 bottles

May I special order a product you do not carry?

Yes. If the item is available for distribution in Colorado then we may be able to order it for you. You may call us at 303.449.3374 or send us an email 

May I have something delivered to my home or office?

Yes. For information on our delivery services please call 303.449.3374. You may also place an order for delivery using our online shopping cart, which is easily accessed from our homepage.

Do you have tastings for the public at the store?

Yes! We host free public tastings on Friday's from 4-6pm and on Saturday from 3-5pm. For a look at what's coming up, check-out our store events calendar by clicking here.


Do you carry Colorado beers and other microbrews?

Yes! We carry a vast selection of Colorado brewery offerings along with a wide selection of national microbreweries. Contact the Beer Department for more information.

May I 'Build' my own six-pack?

Yes, however, this option is only available in-store. A 20% discount is applied to each full build-your-own 6-pack.


Do you have Pappy Van Winkle and can I reserve a bottle?

The Pappy Van Winkle bourbons are distributed just once a year, usually in November, and sell out with in a matter of minutes. Because of the high demand, we do not have a wait list and cannot special order any of the bourbons. The best way to know when they will be arriving and how to get your hands on some is by following our Facebook and Twitter pages. Once we know when they'll be arriving, we post the date and process of purchasing a bottle in both of those locations.


If I have never been to Liquor Mart how will I know where to look for something?

The Wine Dept. is organized by varietal for New World (U.S, Australia, NZ, Chile, Argentina, etc.) and by region for Old World (France, Italy, Spain, Germany, etc.). Imported wines are located in the front half of the store; domestics are in the back half. Boxes, jugs, magnums, and other larger sized bottles are located in the very back of the store near the wine refrigerators. Ask someone from our Wine Department.

Do you have wines from all over the world?

Yes! We carry wines from every major wine growing region and even some from lesser-known regions. We strive to maintain the very best selection possible in the State of Colorado.

Do you carry Organic & Biodynamic wine? Or wine without added sulfites?

Yes! We have the most extensive collection of Organic & Biodynamic wines anywhere.

May I special order a wine that you do not carry?

Yes! If you have purchased the wine in Colorado we may be able to order it for you. Special Orders of less than one case are often charged a "broken case" fee of about $1.50 per bottle. Unfortunately, some wines are allocated strictly to restaurants by directive of the winery itself.

Can you import a wine I had in another country?

No! Colorado has a "three-tier" system. A retailer may only purchase products from a wholesaler who may only purchase product from a supplier. There is no exception to this law.

May I special order past vintages of wine?

Generally, the answer is no. Once a particular wine has changed vintage on our shelves, it indicates our distributor has sold out of the previous vintage. On rare occasions, high-end specialty wines may be available in past vintages, but will generally cost more.


May I have products shipped to my residence or office?

Click here for all of our shipping info.