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Club Selections

Oskar Blues Passion Fruit Pinner 

Passion Fruit Pinner takes the flavors of passion fruit & citrus juice of the original Pinner Throwback IPA and turns them up to 11. The clean malts, with hints of toasted biscuit pair with zesty hops to spice up the taste and aromas from pureed Passion Fruit and a small spike of pureed Blood Orange.


Beer of the Week : Nov. 20th – Nov. 26th


Destihl Wild Sour Series: Plum Sour Stout Plum Sour Stout rebels against style boundaries as it opens with a bold fusion of fruitiness and chocolatey roast. Dark fruit flavors then take hold, evoking memories of plum jam and chocolate-covered cherries to bring everything into balance. The result is a light-bodied and refreshingly tart stout that's just plum sour!!