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Monthly Staff Picks

Staff Picks: June

Derek’s Pick:

Name: Trumer Pils

Style: Pilsener

Brewery: Trumer Brewery (Berkeley, CA)

It’s easy to get caught up in craft beer culture’s penchant for boundary pushing, style defying, and endlessly creative brewing. But sometimes simplicity is all one needs in a beer. Trumer Pils is brewed in accordance to the German Purity law of 1516, meaning the only ingredients used are malt, hops, yeast, and water. This pilsner is a textbook example of the style; transparent straw-yellow in color, lightly floral on the nose, and crisp drinking all the way through. A subtle honey like sweetness rounds out the back end of this brew with classic Saaz hop character preceding it. For the summer days ahead of us, Trumer Pils is one that I’ll be going for to quench my thirst.



Taylor’s Pick:

Name: Epic Day Double IPA

Style: Double IPA

Brewery: Eddyline Brewing Co. (Buena Vista, CO)

For the longest time I was not a fan of IPAs. As a novice to hops, I did not understand the complexity that they can possess and impart on a variety of styles of beers. That being said, I always mustered up the strength to try different IPAs, hoping one day something would click. After being introduced to juicy New England style IPAs, I was hooked. This beer is a fantastic blend of your classic West Coast, bitter, piney IPA and a florally, fruity East Coast IPA. Sitting at 10% this beer’s name is particularly fitting. Cracking one of these after a long day at work or an epic day of play will put you right where you want to be.



Perry’s Pick:

Name: Vincent Van Couch

Style: Sour Session IPA

Brewery: Odd 13 Brewing Co. (Lafayette, CO)

Vincent is fairly mild sour wheat ale perfect for the spring weather. Brewed using Citra and Mosaic hops gives this beer enjoyable fruity citrus notes that complements the sour flavor present. With an abv of 4.6% Vincent Van Couch is a great easy drinking beer to drink on a warm day. This is also a good entry point for sour beers as it has a certainly sour forward flavor it also isn’t very intense with puckering sourness.



John’s Pick:

Name: Salvator

Style: Double Bock

Brewery: Paulaner (Germany)

The Salvator pours a deep amber with an off orange hue. The head is light tan but rather quick to dissipate. The smell has no hop presence at all but gives way an intense maltiness reminiscent of caramel and dates and or raisins. There is an underlying breadiness with a touch of booze. The flavor echoes the aroma and again sends caramel and dates or raisins to the palate. The finish has just enough bitterness to keep this heavy lager from being cloyingly sweet.  The mouthfeel is rather thick but not overly viscous. It's the perfect beer for any malt-head or someone who would like to sample a bit of German tradition!