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Monthly Staff Picks

Staff Picks: November

Derek’s Pick:

Name: Maple Pancakes

Style: Porter

Brewery: Renegade

Description: At a time when “flavored” beer is everywhere you turn, sometimes

the notion comes off as gimmicky. However, good beer stands on its own. Labels

and “buzz words” aside, Renegade’s Maple Pancakes is a very successful beer -

meaning the addition of maple syrup compliments the beer rather than detracting

or being over the top. My favorite part of this beer might be the aroma: PURE

MAPLE SYRUP! The taste has an initial maple sweetness but then makes way for

that classic porter and malted barley goodness. Just dark enough and not too heavy

on the palate, great breakfast beer!



Taylor’s Pick:

Name: Moondoor

Style: Dunkel

Brewery: Wibby Brewing Co.

Description: This is a great beer to drink when you’re looking for something a little

heavier and complex in taste but would prefer a lighter body. This well carbonated

beer has a nose that consists of malt, chocolate, and coffee; similar to a porter or

stout. After you get past the aroma, the similarities to a heavier beer start to

diminish. The taste is not overly complex with a malty backbone but the simplicity

provides the stage for some wonderful aftertastes that is sweet like a dark fruit jam.

It finishes with some light hoppiness that rounds out this fantastic, sessionable




Perry’s Pick:

Name: Old Jubilation

Style: Winter Ale

Brewery: Avery

Description: This is one to warm you up. Heavy in malts and mild bitterness gives

this beer a full mouth-feel. It pours a dark brown color with a thick head. Dark

flavors of bread, spices, and a little chocolate. Old Jubi is a great beer for a cold




John’s Pick:

Name: Finkel & Garf Oatmeal Milk Stout

Style: Milk Stout

Brewery: Finkel & Garf

Description: Pours a solid black with a decent tan head. Puts off some smell

of roasted barley and intense notes of chocolate. The chocolate is dominant on the

tongue with some sweetness coming through while the mouthfeel is creamy and

smooth. This may be as close as you get to chocolate milk with a beer!