A wise man once wisely confessed that…


For me and mine, the wine is divine

From the soil to the vine and in the winery we grind

The seeds of this plant while over the course of time

The blood of the grape ferments to intoxicate my mind


The way it licks my lips upon each and every sip

The way it firmly takes hold with a flavor that is so bold

The way my senses are impaled when that sweet scent is inhaled

Oh how I adore, oh how I implore, oh how I yearn for one quaff more


But you must be weary, for not all wines are cheery

There are those with a serious mood if you intend to intrude

Some strengthen your spirit, while weakening your resolve

And when one problem is solved, the answer to another is dissolved


Though for every stranger unknown, there is a potential friend to be had

For every wine that I’ve been shown, I’ve been most certainly glad

To have tasted and tested, and at time, even been bested

By this jested sweet nectar, a warrior of taste, similar to Hector


And while they come in many guises, their friendship is sown with countless prizes

For each has its own characteristic for which you would be smart to catch on quick

As some can accompany you with your meal, others are emotional, helping you to feel

Some are the life and energy of a party, some are weak, while others are hearty


As misure Pinot Noir can entice you from afar

The wise Merlots can seemingly endlessly flow

The whimsical Chardonnay, whom makes it easier for your day

Let us not forget old Malbec, who puts all your stresses in check


While Mr. Riesling can bring a pretty tune for you to sing

And then there’s Syrah who sits in the corner waiting for you to go over

While Sauvignon Blanc, well… for a white wine he’s terribly staunch

But we’re old friends and acquaintances, besides, we’re attached at the haunch


They are all friends and loved ones whom I can’t live without

Whether from a bottle, a barrel, a decanter, or a spout

They make the sour moments in life more bitter sweet

They can create victories in life from every defeat


So next time you decide to try and make a friend

Remember the blood of a grape is bottled for you till to the end

And if you intend, to mend and bend and finally send

A message to your soul whether through words or a pen


The wine is divine, and in that fact I find solace

For it’s a friend that will never leave me and is enjoyed with cup or chalice

As my life, my soul, as well as my entire being

Is uplifted, enhanced, and made better due to its freeing


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