Welcoming warm weather with a refreshing cocktail is simple, sweet, and perfect for the change of season.
A cocktail can be an easy solution to a party, a dinner side, or a quick Spring pick me up. Its basic composition consisting of alcohol and two or more ingredients allow a vast breadth for artistic creativity.  Cocktails are a favorite for this reason.  You can experiment with different flavors and combinations without going drastically wrong.

Spring aromas consisting of sweet honeys, fruit and flowers create a warming, yet fresh taste.
Mints, menthol's and green teas giveaway to an airy and subtle flavor.
Listed below are a few.

(About 2 servings)

Mixing a high quality vodka and organic fruit allows you to create a fresh green tea cocktail without using a flavored liquor. The Triple Sec creates a base while the fresh raspberries give the vodka a light pink color.
The fresh lychee give a perfume-like flavor that is not overwhelming.

4-7 Raspberries (on bottom so they crush)
50-75 ML Vodka
25ML Triple Sec
Pinch of Mint Leaves
OZ - OZ1/2 Green Tea Fusion
50ML Soho Liqueur (Lychee Liquor)

Mix together in cocktail shaker with ice.
Garnish cocktail glass with one fresh raspberry and fresh lychee.


(2 Servings)

This cocktail is sweet and filling, however, basic and simple.
Perfect for a last minute drink that still completely satisfies;

2 cups halved strawberries
1 tbsp sugar
1/2 cup chilled Champagne (of choice)
1 tsp Creme De Cassis

Mix together strawberries and sugar.
Let stand for 10 minutes.
Separate into two white wine glasses.
Add champagne and creme de cassis.



(Serves 1)

Pleasing to the eye and taste.

3 Oz crushed ice
4 Oz chilled dry white wine or Proseco
1 Oz Creme De Violette (violet liqueur)
Edible flowers - Violet or others of choice
Dash of sweet lemon or lime (optional)

Add the crushed ice to your glass.
Pour in the wine or proseco.
Pour in the liqueur
Add a squeeze of lemon or lime (optional)
Garnish with an edible flower such as violet or an enhancing herbal leaf of your liking.

You can create variety in your drinks by changing the edible flowers.