From winemaker Nicoletta Bocca (Think Mother Earth), the name Valdibà comes from the name of the sub zone in Dogliani (the ‘birthplace of Dolcetto’) where the vineyards for this wine are located. Nicoletta Bocca is a true artist. She is intensely natural. Like all great artists she is deeply aware and that awareness allows her to have the humbleness to never say, "This is the way we do it here!" Instead, at a discussion at her home and in the cellar she talks about the process, the evolution. She continually says she is trying to learn from her vineyard- she is listening to the wines. There are no absolutes with her- everything is always in All stainless steel, the wine see's no wood. Beautiful tannin, structure and weight with a finish rounded off by a perfect amount of acidity. An Incredible expression of Dolcetto – and for an entry level wine it is almost unbelievable! Beautiful ripe berries with layers of mint and spice. 100% Certified Biodynamic, the winemaker’s passion wine, picked later in the season to ensure dark, ripe fruit, long and slow maceration, great length.