While Prost has been around for a little over half a year now, they only recently started to distribute growlers of their beer to off premise accounts. A brewery founded on the ideal of quality and consistency over creativity, Prost specializes in a wide array of traditional German-style beers, going so far as to purchase their brewing equipment wholesale from a defunct brewery in Bamberg, Germany. While Prost's decision to brew smaller, more subtle beer styles may strike one as odd, given the trend of "bigger, bolder, crazier" in craft beer these days, it in reality serves as a superior showcase for the skill of their brewers. With the muted flavors found in the majority of German-style beers, there is significantly less room for error during the brew process than in something heftier like an imperial stout; the less bold flavor of smaller beers will make any off flavor produced during the brew process significantly more apparent. Prost! to Prost for crafting high quality, consistent session beers.

Altfrankisches Dunkel - A more obscure style of dark lager from Bavaria; malty, smooth, and subtley complex

Weissbier - Traidtional German wheat; bananas, cloves, subtle fruit-like esters

Pils - Exceptionally clean pilsner - biscuits, fresh baked bread, crisp hop finish

Dopplebock - The heftiest beer from Prost, big and malty; caramel, molasses

Alt - Not to be confused with the Dunkel, but a close cousin; malty and sessionable



One of the newest breweries, Bru's beers only recently became available in 22oz bombers. Look for their lineup to expand as they continue to find their footing in the craft beer market.

Citrum - IPA brewed with American hops (but not Citra) with lemon zest and juniper added

Obitus - A refreshing take on a brown, the addition of dates provides a pleasant dark fruit complexity.

Beezel - Traditional Belgian golden; zesty yeast and fruity esters



Recently opened in Woodland Park, Paradox specializes exclusively in barrel aged beers. While their current and previous offerings have been wine barrel aged only, look for whiskey and rum barrels to enter into the mix soon. Paradox beers also come in in large 750mL swingtop bottles, which are perfect for bottling that new homebrew.

The Catcher - IPA utilizing Belgian yeast and rye malt

The Cherished - Dopplebock with Belgian yeast, aged on cherries

Hop Harvest - IPA brewed with Belgian yeast



Having already carved out a niche for themselves in the Springs, Trinity recently began distribution to Northern Colorado, which thankfully included the Boulder area. Specializing in mostly wild yeast beers, Trinity is on the cutting edge of creativity in the beer world, reviving archaic styles and pushing the envelope of what people perceive beer "should" taste like. While not for everyone, Trinity's beers will reward the adventurous palate with a plethora of new flavors derived from unique combinations of yeast, grain, and other natural additives.

TPS Report - Fermented with Brett, aged in oak barrels with Lacto; coriander, lemon zest, lime zest, tangerine zest, and rose petals.

OH Face - Fermented with Brett; spelt, oats, rye, and wheat. Additions of pumpkin and lavender

Merle - Dark saison with Lacto and Brett

Le Capitaine - High ABV (10%) saison with Brett and Lacto

Slap Yer Mammy - 125 IBU hop bomb