cinnamonIt's December 26th, and Christmas is officially over. :( Frowny face. Unfortunately, what may not be over is the residual grogginess from the previous night's festivities. The world feels like it's upside down, your brain might come out of your ears, and some mysterious sandman may or may not have just hit you in the face with a small shovel. Never fear, there are yummy breakfast drinks aplenty to make your morning and day so, so much better. (All in moderation of course, don't let your morning fun lead to another atrocious hangover later). So, why not pair a few of these fun drinks with the family brunches that will most likely be taking place this morning? All of these recipes are easy and not too labor intensive. This is one morning where many people can't even think about standing without the welcoming embrace of a friendly wall or counter, let alone whipping up some extravagant breakfast cocktails. This being said, this post is definitely where the "less is more" cocktail is extremely relevant but, just because these recipes are simple doesn't mean the end product is any less delicious!

Mmm-kay, lets get started.


Your Classic Mimosa:

-2oz of Champagne or sparkling wine

-4oz of fresh squeezed orange juice

These measurements are for an individual serving. If you would like to double, triple, or qaudruple the recipe, mix and serve out of a large juice pitcher. Serve in Champagne flutes and maybe toss in some fresh raspberries to dress up your bubbly concoction a bit. (Need ideas on what bubbly to use? Try Segura Vidas Res Brut or La Marca Prosecco.)


Irish Coffee:

This drink is great for many reasons, two of them being that not only does it have your daily dose of caffeine in it, but it offers just enough of that "hair of the dog" medicine so you can avoid being a prisoner to the couch the day after Christmas. Also, not to mention, it's delicious.

-2oz of Bailey's Original

-6oz of piping hot coffee

-1oz Jameson Irish Whiskey

Mix these yummy things together in a coffee mug and add a dollop of whipped cream to top it off. Feel better and enjoy!


The Cinnamon Toast Cocktail:

-1 table spoon of sugar

-1 table spoon of cinnamon

-1 1/4 oz spiced rum (try the Kraken, seriously, it's good)

-6oz hot apple cider

Rim the glass with sugar and cinnamon then mix the rum and apple cider together in the glass and enjoy! Simple and yummy. Just what you need.


Last but not least, the Arnold Palmer with bourbon. This one is a bit more labor intensive but it's nothing y'all can't handle.

-Bring 2 cups of water to a boil

-Add 4 teabags of English Breakfast Tea (let steep for about 8 minutes then allow time for tea to cool)

-Add a 1/2 cup of bourbon

-1 fresh squeezed orange (large)

-1 fresh squeezed lemon (large)

-2 tablespoons of simple syrup (this can be made at home, bought here at Liquor Mart, or most grocery stores)

After you've allowed the original tea mixture to cool, mix the rest of the ingredients together in a large serving pitcher. Serve over ice and garnish with slices of orange for a zesty pick-me-up for when you're feeling a bit under the weather.