There is nothing better then unwinding at home with a glass of wine at the end of the day. Well it looks like a glass of red wine a day has more benefits than just the pleasure of relaxation. 

Red wine in glass


Health Benefits to drinking red wine:

1.Reduces your chances of getting heart disease. The skins and seeds of red grape's have antioxidants in them called flavanoids, which helps your body lower your bad cholesterol and increases more good cholesterol into your body. It also helps to reduce blood clotting.

2.There are studies that show it may inhibit tumor development in some cancers.

3.When alcohol is drank with food it slow's the stomach's emptying time and has the potential to decrease the amount you eat. That's always a good thing!

4.There is evidence that women that enjoy a little alcohol increase their brain power!


What red wines are better for you?

Cabernet Sauvignon, petite Syrah and Pinot Noir have the most antixodants. The basic rule to follow is, the sweeter the wine the least antioxidants it has.


How much do you drink to stay healthy?

A four ounce glass a day is a typical serving. Women should only have one serving a day, and men can have two servings a day to reap the maximum benefits.


Cheers to your health!


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