This week we are highlighting one of our newest editions to Organic Alley, Thatcher's Organic Artisan Liqueurs. Thatcher's Organics founder Dave Racicot stopped by Liquor Mart last week to do an employee tasting with our staff and a mini interview. We are very impressed with Thatcher's new line of artisan liqueurs and are very excited to share them with you. In this post you will get to read a mini interview with Dave, the founder and master distiller of Thatcher's, and I will showcase a couple of my personal favorites from his new line of liqueurs.

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Interview with Dave Racicot, master distiller and founder of Thatcher's Organic Artisan Liqueurs:

1. Where did the idea to create Thatcher's Organics come from?

Dave- First, I wanted to do something which has never been done before. Second, I believe- and others support- that the best fruits, veggies, and botanicals come from organic farms. Third, too many liqueurs have a lot of sugar or use the lab to create their liquids. I start with the bounty of the harvest and craft my liqueurs from there.

2. Where do your ingredients come from?

Dave- All over the world. Italy, France, California, Washington, Maine, Michigan, Brazil, Kentucky, Canada, Central America, and a host of others. It is pretty fun on the sourcing side as we have some great people who are dedicated organic.

3. Do you use sustainable practices?

Dave- Yes, we have non-bleached boxes, very lightweight glass to reduce shipping costs, and waste nothing as it is recycled at the distillery.

4. When was Thatcher's Organics created?

Dave- I started it in March 2008 and took the first 13 months to figure out how to source, then craft, the liqueurs. I launched April 2009 and have been growing pretty fast ever since. It has been a pretty wild ride.

5. Does Thatcher's give to any charities or environmental organizations?

Dave- Yes, and I am thrilled to be a part of 1% for the Planet with other like minded companies such as Fat Tire and Patagonia. We donate 1% of our revenue to great causes. I love it!

6. We love the design of the bottles! What was the idea behind the concept?

Dave- I believe in simple yet purposeful design, clean lines, show the fruit/veggie/botanical and describe what you can make with it on the front label. People want to know what they should do with a cucumber liqueur, and to have us say "great in a martini" just makes it easier for everybody.

7. What can people look forward to when tasting Thatcher's artisan organic liqueurs?

Dave- In all my expressions you will get great aromatics, forward flavor and a very clean finish. By only using USDA certified organic ingredients you will enjoy a great cocktail as nature intended. We like to say, "We make one Mother nature of a cocktail."

Here are a few of my favorites!

Thatcher's Cucumber liqueur  Blueberry liqueurCoffee Liqueur Chocolate liqueur

















Dave sources the cucumbers to make this liqueur from Benton Harbor, Michigan. The Cucumber is one of my favorites because it tastes incredibly fresh. The cucumber taste is not overwhelming, but definitely has a presence that is unlike any other cucumber liqueur I have tasted. It's like the cucumbers have been freshly cut and added to your glass. We mixed the cucumber liqueur with sparking water and ice, and I instantly pictured myself by a pool with sun shining down while enjoying this crisp refreshing cocktail. This is a must try! Another way to try the cucumber liqueur is to add Freshies Margarita Mix, tequila and ice. It gives the margarita an exciting new twist!


The blueberries come from Dave's 4th generation family blueberry farm in Maine. This is also a great liqueur because again, the blueberries are so prounounced and fresh. It's not an overwhelming taste yet it melodizes on the tongue without being too much. A great way to try this liqueur is to mix it with ginger beer and bourbon. A fantastic cocktail for spring and summer!


If you are a coffee lover, then this liqueur is for you! I love coffee, and I must say this one is a real treat. This is the first coffee liqueur on the market that doesn't have caramel flavoring added to it. This liqueur would be great on the rocks (this is definitely how I will drink it!). It's also a great liqueur to make a coffee martini and to add to coffee desserts.

Dark Chocolate:

The chocolate used to make this decadent liqueur is sourced from Belize. It a perfect treat when you are having a chocolate crave. It is very silky- it feels like you have dark artisian chocolate melting in your mouth. This one is beautiful on its own with ice, and would be perfect in a chocolate martini.