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Meet Our Liquor Experts

The "Spirit of the Store"

The Liquor Department prides itself on our customer service and knowledge of our products. We have made it our goal to sample as many products as possible and readily pass this information throughout the department in order to keep the staff up to date. By doing this we can help you with any style of spirit, whether it is for a new drink you would like to turn your friends on to or just an old favorite. Through research and tasting opportunities, we have had the chance to increase our knowledge while refining our palates, making our Liquor department truly unique. As such, we are here to help you find whatever your palate may be yearning for.

The sheer amount of product gracing our shelves is vast, allowing us, over time, to develop a large collection of common brands along with a great selection of hard to find, top shelf and small batch offerings. If we do not carry what you are looking for we have the ability to special order anything that is available to us from our distributors. We also keep updating our inventory with the newest and most innovative products from around the world, allowing us to keep stride with new fads and old trends alike.

We invite you to browse our selections and take advantage of our knowledge to answer any questions you may have. Also for unique and festive drink recipes, check out our Cocktail Corner section of the website.

Matthew Grimsley