Barware Basics


Why Use An Aerator?

Aerating lets a bottle of wine breath by giving it air. It is the best way to open up young wines because it decreases the carbon monoxide levels found in many young wines and makes them softer and more balanced. It not only greatly improves bouquet of the wine, but it dramatically improves the flavor. There is a misconception that aerating is for red wine only, aeration can have the same positive effects on white wine. For example, if you let a Burgandy or Chardonnay breathe it can greatly enhance their fruitiness and complex characteristics.

The most traditional way to let your wine fully breathe is to use an aerating funnel and pour the wine into a decanter. However, aerators like the Rabbit Aerating Pourer are designed to pour the wine through the aerator right into your glass.

When using an aerator timing is key

When aerating your wine, make sure you pay attention to how long you are letting it aerate. Timing is key! A young tannic wine might need longer to open up than a mature wine. Aged wines may only need minutes until they are ready!

Tips to Remember

  • Most wines will benefit from aerating
  • Wines that have a high level of tannins require more aeration time
  • Aeration can remove the bottle's smell that is apparent when the bottle is opened