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Meet Our Wine Experts

Welcome to the Liquor Mart Wine Department, where we have dedicated ourselves to providing our customers with a comprehensive and diverse range of wines from across the globe. From our special Rare Case wines that are in limited production to the every day table wines we all enjoy, from our vast selections of Organic and Biodynamic wines to obscure little treasures that grace our shelves, our Wine Department can guide you through our fabulous collection of Wines.

Not only does our vast collection allow you to sample wines from around the globe, it also enables us to have countless items on sale each week. Our 17 aisles are emblazoned with sale tags in every possible category and price range, allowing us to provide a unique opportunity for our customers to develop and expand upon their palates while refraining from any unnecessary strain on their pocketbooks.

Our wine professionals are always readily on hand and would love to assist you in finding that perfect wine to put on your table. Their experience and knowledge will guide you through the fun and often challenging task of Food & Wine Pairing. Whether you need wine for your secret recipe (we won't tell!), or food for your favorite wine, we have you covered.

So come in and peruse our shelves - we'd love to teach you everything we've had the opportunity to learn. Be sure to ask any of our wine professionals about signing up for our email club, Liquor Mart Locals, or to sign up for our New Liquor Mart Newsletter.

Cardene Otsuka

Cardene, Wine Manager

"If it ain't Dal Forno, it ain't worth drinkin!"

I was introduced to the wine culture as a teenager, and later as a consumer with my mom through many wonderful wine tours in Napa. Working in Asian restaurants, I continued to expand my interest in wine and mixology as a restaurant beverage manager. I also received my executive wine sommelier certification in 2006 with an emphasis on my love of the art and science of food and wine pairing. In 2007, I was thrilled to enter the world of wine retail and was honored a few years later, as the manager of the store, when we received 5280 Magazine's 2010 "Top of the Town" award for the best wine store. Wine is an ever growing and evolving culture with a tremendous history and I love learning something new everyday.

Robert Brown

Robert, Wine Specialist

"Don't drink that. Drink this, instead."

Robert has been with Liquor Mart for 18 years. His quick wit and opinionated stance on the wine business makes him an honest and sure resource for customers and wholesalers alike. He is an essential cog in the day-to-day operations of the department and has a broad knowledge of the wine industry’s trends over the last 15 years - he is a man of many abilities.

Dan Barsness

Dan, Stock Manager

"I like it if it's good."

Dan has eight years of experience at Liquor Mart and heads up the day-to-day product stocking and stacking operations. This behind-the-scenes job is at the core of the wine department’s ability to efficiently move product from the delivery trucks to the floor and out the door.

Kevin Downs

Kevin, Assistant Wine Manager & Event Planner

I developed an interest in wine about 35 years ago and have traveled throughout many of the greatest wine producing areas of the world, and learned a great deal along the way.  After a brief stint as a bartender in the Caribbean, I arrived in Denver and got into wine and spirits retail.